About Multicart

MultiCart is a versatile electric cart that caters to a range of industries and personal uses. The electrics of the MultiCart are designed and produced by Curtis Instruments Inc., based in the U.S.A. Curtis have led the way in innovation for motor control, battery management and vehicle instrumentation since 1960. Their products are designed for maximum performance and flexibility and are proven to provide the most comprehensive performance features and benefits in the EV industry.

Extensive testing across various industries, has proven that the MultiCart possesses the durability and capacity required to meet the demands of the operator/job, whether that be on the rough terrain of a construction site, or the flat surface of factory floors.

This unique and original design is patented and trademarked as MultiCartAU.

Why MultiCart?

Our MultiCart is chosen by many experienced builders, trades, factories and warehouses across Australia for its efficiency, practicality and ease of use in the workplace.

Benefits of the MultiCart include;

  • Improved time management
  • Greater productivity
  • Can be safely operated by all in the workplace with no license required
  • Less physical strain on workers
  • Battery operated, simply recharge when needed
  • Manoeuvres large, heavy objects with ease, requiring less hands on deck
  • Can be easily adapted to cater for a range of professions or personal use
  • Removable control, allowing for easier storage and transport
  • Suitable size for factory and warehouse floors



  • Carting bricks or heavy materials around the jobsite
  • Moving and tipping concrete
  • Moving heavy windows and other materials that usually require more man power
  • Landscaping, such as moving and tipping soil and rocks
  • Transporting materials/tools around larger development sites
  • Moving stock and/or boxes around factories and warehouses
  • Packing and delivering tile orders to customer vehicles
  • Site cleaning and rubbish removal

Multicartau Products

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The MultiCartAU is a reliable and proven workhorse on the worksite

IP rating: 54

Product size:2275x812x1035mm

Tray size:1510x812x610mm

Turning radius: 2000mm

Charger:36, UL or CE Certificate

Moving motor: 36V/800W

Dump lifting motor:36V/800W

Max climbing capability:12 degrees

Battery:12V/55AH x 3

Charge time:10-12 hours

Continuous working time: 6 hours

Max. load capacity: 400kg

Cart finish:Grey Powder coated

Curtis Controller:70A, Curtis throttle

Wheels:Rubber pneumatic wheel

Strong fixture:Handle with switch box integration

Adjustable moving speed:3-6km/h

Packing size:185x90x95cm


Optional attachments:Centre support frame and 3 horiztonal crossbars

Protective rubber matting:Base of tray and crossbars